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Wood Burner Heating For Your Garden Office? (Read This First)

Wood burner heating is a cost-effective method of heating homes and several other places. If you own a garden office, you might be wondering whether or not wood burner heating is ideal for a garden office.

You will discover the possibility of this idea in a garden office idea as you read on.

You can utilize wood burner heating in your garden office, but you need to consider some factors before you attempt to utilize this kind of heating in your garden office to avoid a fire outbreak.

Below, we have mentioned all the necessary factors that you need to consider before using wood burner heating in your garden office. Also, we mentioned the necessary permission you need to use a wood burner, and the money it will cost you to use wood burner heating in a garden office.

Read on to see these pieces of information and more.

Can You Install A Wood Burner In Your Timber Garden Office?

Yes, you can. To heat your garden office through the use of a cost-effective method makes great sense, especially if you will be using the office in cold seasons. A wood burner will offer you a lot of benefits right in your timber garden office. 

Wood burners give a feeling of comfort and coziness in cold seasons.

While it is possible to use a wood burner in a timber garden office, its usage can cause a fire outbreak if you fail to put some things into consideration while installing the wood burner. Let’s mention all the things you need to consider before installing a wood burner in your timber garden office.

The Structure Of The Garden Office

A timber garden office must have the right structure before you install a wood burner in it.

The roof is the structural factor that requires the greatest consideration. Heat can easily damage the roof and ceiling if they are not fireproof.

Often, the heat from the wood burner heats up the ceiling and roof to high temperatures. It’s almost impossible to prevent heat from touching the roof, but you can prevent the heat from setting the roof on fire by using fireproof materials.

The height of the roof is equally an important factor you should consider because it determines how high the chimney should extend above the garden office. 

The floor is another structural factor that you must consider. The lightest wood burner doesn’t weigh less than 300 pounds. This implies that you need a strong floor to support the heavyweight of a wood burner. 

The Size Of The Wood Burner For Your Garden Office

To avoid the garden office’s atmosphere from being too hot or cold, you need to get a wood burner that has the right size.

The size of your garden office will determine the size of the wood burner you need. Also, you should consider the degree of insulation in your garden office.

An insulated building does not require a large wood burner. In fact, you can spend some money to make your garden office well insulated in order to reduce the cost of heating.

The Items In Your Garden Office

It’s best not to keep combustible items in your garden office.

However, if you have some combustible items in your garden office, you can still avoid a fire outbreak by storing the items far away from the wood burner. Once you start using a wood burner in your garden office, you must be careful with the way you store combustible things.

Do You Need Planning Permission For The Wood Burner?

In most places, planning permission isn’t necessary.

However, if you want to install the wood burner in a smoke control area or conservation area, you need planning permission.

Even if you don’t live in a region where planning permission is necessary, it is best to inform your local planning officer before you install a wood burner. Also, the wood burner should meet the requirements of building regulations.

How Much Does It Cost To Fit A Wood Burner In Your Garden Office? 

You’ll need a lot of items to fit a wood burner in your garden office. The implication of this is that you need a lot of money to get all the items. Let’s show you the items you need and the average cost of each item before we give you a total estimate.


If your garden office doesn’t have a chimney already, you will have to spend money to build a chimney while fitting a wood burner.

A brick chimney is ideal for wood burners, and it costs an average of $100 per linear foot. So, a 10-foot chimney would cost $1000. Usually, a 10-foot chimney will serve you well.


 You need a stovepipe to connect the wood burner to the flue. The cost of stovepipes varies widely depending on the design and quality.

A high-quality stovepipe that will be long enough to connect the wood burner to the chimney liner costs an average of $500.

Chimney liner

Although it’s possible to install a  wood burner without using a chimney liner, it is best to use a chimney liner because it protects the chimney from the smoke.

Chimney liner costs an average of $65 per foot. So, you need about $650 for a 10-foot chimney liner.

Chimney cowls

You need chimney cowls to protect the chimney from rain. Chimney cowls aren’t as costly as the items above. You may even be lucky enough to buy a wood burner that the manufacturer added chimney cowls as a bonus package.

However, if you have to buy chimney cowls separately, you will need about $20.

Fireproof materials

If you intend to fit a wood burner in a garden office, you need to use fireproof material in some parts of the building. The cost that you will need for these materials depends on the present condition of your garden office.

Now, let’s find the total cost of fitting a wood burner in a garden office.

The total cost of all the items we have mentioned so far is $2170. You will have to pay about $600 for labor. The addition of these costs gives us $2770. At this point, you should realize that you need an average of $2800 to fit a wood burner in a garden office. If we include the cost of the wood burner, the total cost will be about $3000.

The Best Wood Burner Heating For Your Garden Office

If you are seeking the best heating options for your garden office, then you need to check out the wood burners that we recommend here. We have recommended two different wood burners for your garden office.

The first one that we recommended is the best overall wood burner, and the second one is the best wood burner for the budget.

Best overall wood burner

We recommend iStove Defra 5kw Wood Burning Multi-Fuel Stove for you because of its ability to heat up a room within minutes.

It can deliver 5kw of heat on regular usage or a maximum of 9kw of heat when it’s working maximally. You can use this product even in a smoke controlled zone because it’s Defra certified.

This wood burner is made from high-quality cast iron, which doesn’t crack even after several years of usage. Its firebox is lined with fire bricks to make the wood burner last long and have very high efficiency.

This product features a pre-heat air wash system, which automatically cleans the large glass window so that the flame will remain visible always.

This product features primary and secondary air controls, which gives you total control over the burn rate. You can vent the burner through its back or top. iStove Defra 5kw Wood Burning Multi-Fuel Stove costs only £389 on Amazon.

Best wood burner for the budget

We recommend Castmaster stoves -“Newbury” Wood Burning Stove for you if your budget is tight. We recommend this product because of the way it performs exceptionally despite its low cost. Castmaster stoves -“Newbury” Wood Burning Stove has a lot more to offers more than you could expect.

The uniqueness of this product is noticeable even from the appearance. Its look can enhance the settings of your garden office. It is made from high-quality metal that doesn’t lose strength even after several years of usage. 

This product can burn wood, smokeless fuel, and a few other kinds of fuel. It features modern burning technology. Its efficiency is higher than 75% when burning wood. It has the ability to control airflow in order to stabilize the combustion rate. It can deliver 5.5kw of heat into the surroundings while burning wood. 

This wood burner is ideal, particularly for those who don’t have much space in their garden office. Castmaster stoves -“Newbury” Wood Burning Stove is compact enough to fit perfectly even in a small garden office. You can get this product on Amazon for as low as £285.