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The Best Garden Office Ideas For Two – Revealed

Sometimes, you need to take a break from the stress and hassles involved in commuting to and from a regular office and just work from home.

There are many reasons and benefits attached to working from home. These include nearness to the family, handling of home chores during break time, and saving transportation costs.

There are also disadvantages associated with it. For instance, you may not have enough space to create a replica of an office or to set up the desk and chairs needed for working especially with a partner or an assistant.

Loss of focus is another disadvantage of working from the main house. In the office, one will be more focused because there are other people around also working and there are not many distractions. 

These disadvantages have pushed people to get a garden office to make their dream of working comfortably at home possible. The nature and space of a garden office is just the best alternative to working right inside your home where there are distractions and less space. A garden office is always the best idea for an extra space need. 

The total disconnection from one’s home and working all day in the garden office with a partner or employee is just so exciting.

After the long day’s work, one could just lock up the garden office and retire home to rest, leaving behind anything relating to work in the garden office till the next working day. This is just the best work-life balance for any working person out there. 

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best garden office ideas for two.

The Best Garden Office Ideas For Two

When creating a garden office idea, you need to put the position you want the garden office into careful consideration. If the doors and windows of your garden office are facing towards the south, it will help you in maximizing the daylight and sunlight the office will be receiving. 

The problem is that garden offices facing towards the south normally have a problem of overheating during summer. So, you will need to get a cooling system built into your garden office design to ensure that it remains comfortable even on hot days.

Get creative with your garden office by using your style and flair to make it stand out and also comfortable for you and your partner.

Check out these popular suppliers of garden offices for inspiration.

The best garden office ideas that will allow two persons to work effectively from home that make our list include:

1. Modern Backyard Office

These days, people go for designs with corner glazings where both the sides of the house are opened up with glass doors, making the boundaries inside the house and outside not seem too boring. So, why not make your garden office just like this? 

Nothing should stop you from making it more classy like your house extensions. Both sides of the garden office can be covered with floor-to-ceiling glass panels which are light. This model of a garden office looks so tush and comfortable for two persons.

2. Glass-Fronted Office

With a glass-fronted garden office, you will be able to enjoy from afar, the breathtaking view of your garden, the panorama, or the backyard while you and your partner are working. Even getting the walls of your garden office painted white will give whoever walks in, the impression that it is a spacious and well-organized workplace. 

Add two chairs and a desk wide enough for you and your partner to work on, a couple of shelves, some paintings, and anything that will give the room a personalized look. Remember to throw in a couple of comfy seats in the garden office so you can be able to enjoy a short period of rest from work.

3. Converted Garden Shed 

If you have a garden shed that is large enough for two, you can convert it from a garden shed to a garden office. While converting the shed to an office, try to show off your creative instincts by using different mementos you got from your travels, interests, and important experiences to decorate it.

4. Accordion Doors

If you are the type that does not like the normal, these accordion doors will open up to the outside of the garden office. With this garden office, you do not have to worry about space, because these accordion doors can open up the entire wall of your garden office thus giving you and your partner more space and a feeling of freedom. 

The looks of the accordion doors are sophisticated especially with its glass and grey steel frames. Since this garden office idea is not a normal one, you could also go as far as putting electronic signs on the accordion doors which will attract attention to your garden office and make it look a little bit serious and work-like. 

5. Space-Efficient Corner Hub

This garden office idea eliminates the image of a congested small space. Though this corner hub looks small in appearance, it is usually not a stuffy small space. It can carry about more than two chairs for more than one person. Its sliding doors are the entrance to this very simple workplace. 

Also, the colors used to paint the walls are light in color giving rise to a feeling of a wider space. There are also high shelves installed in the room for better storage of office properties. It also helps in better usage of the vertical space and to avoid much traffic within the little space.

6. Shipping Container Turned Office

This looks sturdy yet sensational. This garden office design is done from what was once a shipping container now converted to form an office. The bright blue color brings out its uniqueness. It would look more stunning to add glass doors, a front deck, and wood panels as the wall. 

Plant the roof of the garden office to have a cool temperature indoors. The blue and orange colors blend well and set a working atmosphere for both of you. The orange colors are used as the interior lights. You could also add some more orange furniture inside the office if you wish. 

7. Modern Garden Office Shed

A modern garden office shed is the true definition of a contemporary, enclosed, and sleek modern office cube. It is normally kept plain yet striking because of the consistent use of neutral designs and colors on it. Also, this garden office needs no window to show off any form of unique charm of practicality and privacy. You can opt for an internal cooling system.

8. Enclosed Gazebo

This garden office idea is the true definition of a garden office idea fresh out of a postcard. The garden office is a hexagonal shed that features clay roof tiles in warm terracotta with mint blue walls and some surrounding glass windows. 

Throw in some rattan tables and chairs to this garden office to add some healthy dose of charm. Whenever you and your partner are working, you will always get this alluring feeling that will make both of you just want to sit down and work till late.

9. Green Cube Artistic

Having a garden office in a refreshing cube form with everything green is a way to explore your artistic side. This garden office will have some vegetation surrounding and embracing all four walls of its structure. This helps to ensure that the office has a lot of natural character and that the interior of the office will remain cool at all times. You and your partner will be able to get a clear view of the garden through its glass windows and doors. 

10. Shingled Work Pod 

The interior of this backyard office idea or garden office idea will exude efficient and streamlined designs instead of the normal intricate designs that regular offices normally feature. This is to say that this garden idea is all business. For the walls, you can make use of asphalt shingles right up to the roof, and then you can pair it up with a perfect white interior and balance it all up by throwing in two black bentwood chairs for you and your partner.