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Moving And Want To Take Your Garden Office With You?

In this day and age, garden offices have become quite a popular trend in the world.

With more companies and businesses advocating for remote working, most people have resorted to constructing garden offices. Because we spend so much money to construct a garden office that meets our needs, it’s only natural to wonder if you can take your garden office with you when you move.

Smaller models of garden offices and which don’t have a plastered interior can be dismantled, moved, and reassembled without too much fuss. It’s also possible to use forklifts and cranes to move these garden offices.

There are a lot of aspects to consider when getting a garden office and one of them is if it’s possible to move with it. This is where most people go wrong.

So if you are confused about the technicalities of taking your garden office with you when you move, fear not. We have just the scoop for you!

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail if you can move a garden office, how much it would cost you to do this, and how to go about doing it. So sit back, relax, and read on to find out more. This is guaranteed to be an eye-opening read for you.

Can You Move A Garden Office?

This is perhaps one of the most popular questions among garden office owners. This is quite understandable. Here’s why.

Nowadays, remote working has become a popular trend among many companies and organizations. This popularity has made it such that most people prefer to work from home. But there is usually very limited space at the house and that is why people have resorted to using garden offices. People invest a lot of money in getting the best garden offices that fit their needs perfectly.

So considering the money and time that went into getting the garden office ideal for your use, it’s natural for this question to ring in most people’s heads. If you are one such person and were wondering if you can move your garden office, then rest easy.

The answer is yes you can. Perhaps the time for you to relocate has come and you want to take your garden office with you but are unsure if it’s possible. The good news is that you can move with your garden office.

Most garden office suppliers design them in such a way that they are portable. A portable garden office is one that has been designed and manufactured with the ability to dismantle, move, and reassemble it with little damage to the building’s structural integrity and its fabric.

Smaller garden offices and those that don’t have a plastered interior can be dismantled for easier transport. They can then be moved and reassembled without too much problem. In fact, most garden office suppliers offer to dismantle, transporting, and reassembling services. This is amazing since they ensure your garden office is dismantled carefully and reassembled properly so it will be just as usable in its next home.

Another way that you can move your garden office is by using a crane. The crane can lift the building onto a truck that can transport it. Straps are attached to the garden office at strategic places so it’s relocated safely.

Even though it’s possible to take your garden office with you when you move, most people agree that they raise the value of the home. So instead, they prefer to sell it too as part of the property. If this is not an option for you, then one thing you should consider is the building regulations of the area you will be moving to. Ensure that your garden office complies with these regulations before you move.

What Does It Cost to Move a Garden Office?

One thing that most people agree on is that it’s quite difficult to estimate the cost of moving a garden office. This is because several variables come into play. These are:

  • Site access – If the site isn’t easily accessible, you will likely pay more to move your garden office.
  • How far you are moving – The further the place you are moving to, the more the cost.
  • The size – Garden offices come in different sizes, so the cost of moving the garden office will vary. The bigger it is, the more you are likely to pay.

So with all this in mind, you can see why it’s hard to pinpoint a particular cost for moving your garden office. Don’t worry so much, however. According to most people’s garden office moving experiences, it will likely cost you somewhere around $3,000-$5,500 to move your garden office.

As we earlier mentioned, some garden office suppliers can help you move to your garden office. You can ask them to quote the price of doing this for you if you are unsure about how much it will cost.

How To Move A Garden Office

Moving your garden office nowadays doesn’t have to be a painstaking process. You can dismantle it and then move it, or you can move it without dismantling it. Here’s how to do both.

Dismantling and moving a garden office

Some of the tools you will need include a crowbar, screwdriver, nails/screws, wooden planks, hammer, protective sheets, and protective gloves. How do you go about it?

  • Empty the shed of all its contents, so you have room to work.
  • Remove the windows. Detach the glass panes and then pry the window frames away from the shed with a crowbar.
  • Unscrew the door hinges and detach the door.
  • Using the wooden planks, make an X shape on the walls and floor and nail them in. This will keep the floors and walls intact during transportation.
  • Again, using the X shape, install wooden planks on all shed openings. This will secure the garden office structurally.
  • Finally, lift the floor and move it. Load all the components into the moving van.

Moving a garden office without dismantling (using a forklift)

Some of the tools you will require are a shovel, flatbed truck, wooden planks, and securing straps. How do you go about it?

  • Clear all items from the garden office.
  • Fit the forks under the garden office or dig two holes to provide enough space for the forks.
  • Fit a wooden plank in between the floor and the forks to secure the building in one place, balance it, and limit its movement.
  • Fasten the garden office with securing straps.
  • Using the forklift, place it on the flatbed truck.
  • When you arrive at your new place, just reverse the process.

To sum up, you should consider hiring the help of a professional moving agent. This will ensure you don’t hurt yourself or ruin the garden office.